A runner understands the importance of proper Sprint spikes

If you are a runner then you probably understand the need of wearing the correct type of shoes. The shoes advertised as running shoes or sneakers will not work for the serious runner and actually armature runners should also be made aware that the wrong shoes can cause physical disabilities to feet and legs. Shoes especially made for sprinting like sprint spikes can enhance your performance on the track as well as safe guard the muscles and tendons in your body from injury.
A cross country runner wears shoes that have a longer spike on them. This is due to the need to fly through mud and muck without slipping and sliding. However wearing cross country shoes for track sprinting would be detrimental as the longer spikes would more then likely cause the runner to slip on harder ground. Sprint spikes are much better for such maneuvers.
Sprint spikes are a type of running shoe that is designed for speed and control. The shoes reinforce forward momentum and are characterized by stiff front soles, spikes in the toe area and very little padding and support to the heel area. This is because a runner doing sprints will spend more time on his toes then his heels. The reinforced toe section of sprint spikes combined with the lighter materials and the spikes in the toe are all combine to help the runner push off and control forward momentum for more speed. Any advantage in a race is a good advantage and sprint spikes can give a sprinter all the support needed.
If you were to compare a sprint spike shoe with a cross country shoe you would quickly see that a cross country shoe has longer spikes all through the sole of the shoe. These spikes allow the runner to “sink” into the ground for firm traction especially over uneven ground and even slippery mud terrain. The shoes help to not only keep the runner from falling but also give traction for more speed. Sprint spikes are not the same. The spikes are more in the toe area but the shoes do much the same thing. They keep the runner from slipping and give the runner greater stability. The differences are in the running. While both athletes are running the cross country runner will use more of the foot and thus less speed. The sprinter in his sprint spikes will mostly run on the toes and ball area of the foot. Therefore the two types of runners need different shoes and protection.